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Renditions Golf Course is proud to offer PGA and LPGA instruction. Rates and packages are available and our professional staff can provide flexible programs to help improve your game.


2019 Private Lessons (adult & junior)

Introductory Adult 1-Hour Lesson — $75
Adult .75-Hour Lesson — $95
Adult .25-Hour Follow Up — $35
Adult + 1 or 2 Juniors .75-Hour Lesson — $95
Adult + 2-3 of your friends — 1 Hour — $130 Total
Adult 1.5-Hour Playing Lesson — $199
1-2 Juniors .5-Hour Lesson — $40
Up to (4) Juniors 1-Hour Lesson — $110 Total
Adult + Junior 1.5-Hour Playing Lesson — $199
Audio/video lesson notes included with lesson.

2019 Group Instruction 

WOMEN ONLY 50+ Senior 1.25-Hour Session — $35
COED 50+ Senior 1-Hour Session — $35
ADULT Group (PRACTRAN) 1-Hour Session — $35
COED 50+ Senior 1.5 Hour Group Playing Lesson — $60


5 Week Bubble Package — $299

Become a better golfer quickly. Perfect for new, struggling, or ambitious players. Compressed training delivers results. Package expires 5 weeks from the first lesson -- weather dependent.
Lessons purchased separately $459 … Save $160.

TWO .75-Hour Private Lessons  
TWO 1-Hour 
Practrans Sessions
ONE 1.5-Hour Playing Lesson — Incl. cart/course fees
Audio/video notes included with lessons.

Adults may add a junior (7-17) at no extra charge.

8 Week Premier Performance Program – $375

This package is especially good for the self-taught player with many issues. While still offering compressed training designed to produce the best results, it takes place over a longer period of time. You will get quick results and have complete scheduling flexibility. This program expires 8 weeks from the first lesson — weather dependent. 
Purchased separately $484 …  Save $109.

THREE .75-Hour Private Lessons
ONE 1.5-Hour Playing Lesson — Incl.cart/course fees
Audio/video notes included with lessons.

5 Week Junior Bubble Package (7-17 years old) — $249

This compressed training is designed to make your junior golfer more capable and confident on the golf course while having fun. This package is perfect for the junior with aspirations of playing for high school or college golf. It's designed to be completed 7 weeks from the first lesson — weather dependent.
TWO .75-Hour Private Lessons
ONE 1.5-Hour Playing Lesson

 Audio/video notes included with lesson.

2019 Senior “Rockers 50+” Discount Package — $290

Learn how to leverage an aging body for better golf. This discount senior golf instruction package is available to men and women 50 and older. Fee includes $50 to register and $240 in lesson credit. All sessions are scheduled online. The scheduler will keep track of used sessions. This package expires on 10/31/19. Package may be used for any combination of these offerings: For example Holly Jones uses her package to schedule 12 Women Only sessions throughout the season. Jane Swingmore schedules 3 playing lessons and 6 Practrans sessions, etc. If you use up your package plan, you may take extra sessions at the discounted rate.
Women Only or COED Skill Development Sessions ($20)
Practrans Sessions ($20)
Group 1.5-Hour Playing Lessons ($40)
Putting PhD 1.5-Hour Clinics ($60)
.25-Hour Private Lessons ($20)
.5-Hour Private Online Lessons ($40)


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